We started Scribablog


The world is constantly changing, and everything is influenced by this dynamic. For this reason, our life, environment, friends, economic, social and work situation and even our appearance and personality change. However, many times this is a product of the natural evolution of our lives.

The problem arises when the environment forces us to change and we fail to notice it. This blog was born from the need for transformation, innovation, renewal and reinvention. It is born from the awareness that we all go through it and that the best thing to do is to identify the right moment and start the process in the best possible way. A process of reinvention.

Reinvention and innovation encompass many aspects and have many causes and consequences. Among the main causes are professional, economic, demographic, technological and innovation, personal and even because of boredom. There are so many reasons to reinvent yourself or to innovate that the subject is infinite. Whether you are a company o a private individual, this topic will always be present in your short, medium- and long-term planning.

The idea of the blog is to cover all areas and topics in which you can innovate or reinvent. It will include practical information, researches, testimonials, stories and little things that will show us that in our daily lives we are constantly changing and updating something.
I hope you find it useful!