Content Creation

We take charge of preparing a Content Strategy according to the different communication channels where you have a presence or should have presence, such as your website, email, RRSS, printed material, and so on. We consider the content of the message, the subject matter, the receiver and the tone and the style. For this purpose:

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  1. We create an annual content agenda, including all stakeholders, and messages appropriate to each situation.

  2. We develop a master content calendarfor all marketing communications.

  3. We edit and correct marketing material such as brochures, product or service documentation, etc. in order to achieve the desired brand positioning and to be sure that all communications are aimed at your audience’s interests.

  4. We integrate relevantcontent into different marketing campaigns via e-mail, webinars, online content, etc.

  5. We create articles and case studies for websites and social networks which are attractive and differentiating.

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