Behind the Words

Underpinning the three words that inspire our name Scribalo are our many years of combining communication and research, the passion for writing with a curiosity about human behaviour, its causes and consequences.


The founder has worked for years in multinational companies in different sectors, such as telecommunications, consulting, consumer goods and real estate with experience of seeing the same profession from different perspectives: communications, marketing and market research.


And the desire to fill the pages, ideas and projects of many clients with content so that they can effectively convey their ideas and reach the right readership




When did the blank page start to come to life?

Scribalo began working on its first sentences in early 2018 in Madrid, although the words began emerging in Berlin.


One idea led to another, and the concern of the founder to transmit all the accrued knowledge created the set of words and images forming Scribalo.


What is Scribalo and what does it do?

Scribalo is a play on words, a combination of writing, screening and and the Latin word scriba.


It is based on the idea of a Scribawho was a copyist, otherwise known as a scribe in ancient times. His job was to write out by hand what others wanted to communicate. But it was also important to be able to screen or rigorously select and sift words and themes for a certain audience when writing.


This play on words expresses the raison d’être of Scribalowhich is to conceptualise and create online and offline content for our clients, based on written communication and what it is conveying.


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